Foreign Education

MBBS, MBA, BBA & Diploma

Full 4 years Unconditional Scholarship for Complete English Taught Bachelor Programs and partial scholarship MBBS, MBA, BBA and Diploma in China Book Now

Session : March/ April and September / October
Type of Scholarship: Unconditional
(Tuition and hostel fees Free Scholarship, limited seats)
Tuition : Free
Hostel fee: Free
Either pass or fail it will not effects on Scholarships it will be continued without any terms & Conditions full 4 Years
Available Majors: 1.Biotechnology
3.Mechanical Engineering and Automation(No Seats)
4. Electrical Engineering and Automation(No Seats)
5. Communication Engineering
6. Information Engineering
7. Chemical engineering
8. Animal Medicine
9. Agriculture
10. Seed Technology & Engineering
12.International Economy & Trade
13.Bachelor in Finance
14. MBBS

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